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While replacing a new roof, there are many other additions or subtractions that one may make to a house at the same time. Roofing companies usually supply the resources and the expertise in other elements of houses apart from roofs themselves. One such feature may be to add or change the siding on the house. While there are many different types of siding, wooden siding is usually preferred due to its versatility and the variety of options available. In complementing Sugar Land roofing, many residents will elect to use wooden siding.

The primary benefit of wooden siding is the style it offers. Adding siding to one's home can give a different look to a house other than just plain brick. There is a wide range of wood types that can be used for siding, giving different natural colors and textures. Among the different types of wood are cedar and redwood as well as eco-friendly options such as bamboo. In addition to the wood itself, homeowners may also choose a certain style of siding to fit the desired artistic style of their house.

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Traditionally, siding is made of horizontal planks, but it can also be designed as shingles, much like the roof of the house itself, or even planks placed vertically. A homeowner can consult with their roofing specialist to find out the different options and styles for the particular house being worked on.

A second benefit to installing wooden siding is the cost. Most other options of siding are more expensive. On top of the installation cost is the cost of maintenance that goes in with it. Vinyl siding, for example, may melt under certain extreme conditions. Aluminum siding, being metal, absorbs heat and will raise energy costs. Stone siding is durable, but the cost may far outweigh the benefit. Wooden siding is cheap and renewable.

While wooden siding carries many benefits versus other types of siding, a homeowner should be sure to maintain it much like they would the roof. Wooden siding is painted with a special type of paint to protect it from the elements, but this paint can wear down over time. After the paint has worn off, the siding may be susceptible to dry rot, termites and other problems. Because of this, the siding should be inspected once a year. These problems are not particularly common in a well-maintained house, so wooden siding remains one of the most desirable types of siding for a home.

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