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The roof of a home provides protection for both the home's structure and from the outside elements. However, there are ways that homeowners can weatherproof their roofs to ensure that water and other natural elements don't find their way inside. A Sugar Land Roofing contractor can assist with any modifications that a homeowner may ask for or provide information about weatherproofing products that are available.

One method of weatherproofing a new roof is to have peel and stick underlayments installed underneath the outer roofing materials. This type of underlayment is usually a prime option because it can be applied along the eaves or all over the roof. Other major advantages include, for example, the face that peel and stick underlayment does not require nails, meaning that there are no holes for water to soak through. The material is also very flexible and can be installed around the roof ridges, valleys and hips.

If the home has a wood roof, the homeowner can have an oil or water based waterproofing compound applied to the shingles or shakes. This compound replaces the natural oils in the wood that keeps the material waterproof.

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However, it should be noted that this material is usually used during the last years of the roof's life for the purpose of extending the lifespan of the roof for a few more years.

Insulating the attic is another means by which homeowners typically can weatherproof their homes. The insulation helps keep the outside air outside and the indoor air indoors. This means that extreme heat during the summer can be minimized. However, any holes or leaks can reduce the insulation's ability to insulate the home. Additionally, properly placed roof vents increase the home's ventilation and will keep the home's attic from building up too much heat.

Finally, homeowners should ensure that the flashing is in good condition. Flashing is usually made from thin pieces of galvanized steel or aluminum. These pieces are installed around in the valleys, around chimneys and around skylights to reduce the risk of moisture from getting into the wood components of the roof. Homeowners should keep an eye on the flashing as any corrosion could mean that moisture and pests may have access to the roof's structural components.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that a roof is properly weatherproofed is to have a contractor regularly inspect the roof for wear and weak spots. As the roof ages, it is likely that repairs will be needed to keep the roof as weatherproof as possible. These repairs should be completed as soon as possible to provide the best protection for the home.

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