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Sugar Land Roofing: Article About Winter Roof Repair

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Replacing the roof is a large investment. Homeowners want the process to go smoothly. While winter leaks and damaged gutters are inconvenient, repairs should not be delayed until spring. Setting up a 5-gallon bucket in the house to catch the dripping water or throwing a tarp over the top of the roof is not the answer. Moisture encourages mold and mildew. At the same time, it is not safe for homeowners to tackle a roof on their own. The roof will be slick and difficult to maneuver without the proper training and know-how.

Hiring a professional Sugar Land roofing company with the expertise to give a qualified evaluation of the problem and then perform the needed repairs is practical as well as safe. Professional contractors can quickly analyze what's going on, discuss the various options and use repair methods that are suitable for colder weather. Most homeowners don't have the required knowledge and expertise to tackle a steeply pitched roof or wet shingles.

Getting into a winter roofing or gutter project and then discovering that it is more complicated than the resident realized will end up costing more than hiring an experienced contractor before starting.

The roofing experts at Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Sugar Land TX can assist you with questions about gutters or solar shingles.

Professional workers are skilled, dress appropriately and can get the job done right. They are knowledgeable in safety precautions and can perform repairs without further damaging the roof.

Should any shingles need to be replaced, contractors are also well-trained in using specific methods of helping the shingles stick in lower temperatures. Shingles come with a strip of tar that holds them in place. It protects the shingles from winds and other elements. The tar needs a temperature of about 60 degrees to activate. While most roofing companies will not install an asphalt roof in the winter, there are temporary ways of hooking a few shingles in place until the weather gets warm enough. If the roof is damaged beyond repair, Brinkman Quality Roofing Services can help homeowners make an informed decision about the best type of roof to install during the winter.

Likewise, Sugar Land homeowners shouldn't ignore the damage to the rain gutters and downspouts during the winter months either. Clogged gutters will cause water to back up onto the roof where piles of leaves can begin to mold. Cracked pipes will enable water to pool around the foundation of the house and can cause rotting. If the gutters are pulling away from the side, delaying replacement until spring can damage the roof.

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