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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About 5V Crimp and Stone Coated Metal

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Metal roofing is a strong option for residential dwellings, and there are several types available to homeowners. Two of these are 5V crimp and stone coated tiles. The Woodlands roofing experts can help homeowners determine if one of these options is ideal for their homes.

5V crimp metal roofs are very popular and easy for roofers to install. They are very reflective and lightweight, which is ideal for hot climates, and offer a sleek, low profile character. Homeowners can order 5V crimp metal in a variety of colors, but many seem to like the natural mill finish, which looks silver. All of the finishes do well in weather, but panels that are coated in surface colors fade significantly in just eight years because of sun exposure. This, however, does not weaken the integrity of the metal itself.

The installation process for 5V crimp metal panels requires roofers to fasten a screw with a rubber washer at even intervals through the top of the ribs. The pattern creates a straight diagonal line of screw heads from the top to the bottom. The only times that roofers fasten screws at the base of the ribs are along valley trough, ridgeline and eve intersections. The type of screw that they use allows them to cover the rubber washer with a metal apron so that it remains protected from the degrading effects of the sun.

The roofers from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of The Woodlands can answer your questions about shingle roofs or roof repairs.

Stone coated tile roofs are created from corrosion resistant metals that are coated with stone chips and covered in an acrylic adhesive. The purpose of this is to make the metal more durable than other metal roofs while preserving the aesthetic advantage of traditional materials such as wood shakes or clay tiles. This means that it performs well in high wind resistance tests. Homeowners can order these metal tiles in a variety of colors and patterned textures that resemble other roofing materials.

Similar to other metal roof types, stone coated metal tile is lightweight and can be installed on any roof surface. During installation, roofers use corrosion resistant screws after interlocking all of the bordering and overlapping tiles.

It's important that homeowners don't attempt to install 5V crimp or stone coated tile roofs on their own because being on a roof is dangerous; roofing experts have special equipment to ensure their safety. Additionally, foot traffic on any metal roofing should be kept to a minimum to avoid damaging the material, such as dislodging the interlocked panels or breaking off the stone chips.

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