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Of all the home improvement projects homeowners can undertake, a new roof can be one of the most rewarding investments possible. While typically viewed as just another project to keep the weather out of the home, the top of any structure is that and a whole lot more. As any of the Woodlands roofing contractors can attest, the right roofing materials and colors have a lot of benefits. Besides keeping the elements out, the right roof enhances the curb appeal of the home and helps the property stay energy efficient. The roof can be the element of the home that brings everything together.

Curb appeal is a term that many homeowners are familiar with. A lot of factors go into making a house look appealing from the street. Windows, doors, siding, gutters, landscaping, and other exterior aspects are commonly considered in any curb appeal project. However, a clean roof with complementary colors and attractive lines is just as important to achieve an eye-pleasing look. Plus, the roof might be one of the most visible parts of the home, which means it could be more important than the siding.

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In addition, investing in quality roofing materials could provide a few decades worth of durability, which makes the roof a strong return on investment.

Another benefit of the roof is energy efficiency. While the benefits of traditional asphalt shingles are fairly well known, tile roofs or metal roofing systems can reflect heat, which helps lower energy bills. Because the heat is directed away from the roof rather than absorbed, the systems are commonly referred to as "cool roofs." Because these systems can be more expensive than traditional materials, they represent a larger investment. However, they can outlast traditional shingle systems, which means they can yield and even stronger return on investment.

In the end, viewing the roof as a long-term investment can change the outlook on the project. By not focusing on the price of the project and looking at the cost over the course of the lifespan of the materials, buyers can see the rewards that arrive along with putting in the necessary effort to find the right roof for their property. By providing strong cub appeal and providing an element of energy efficiency, the roof can be an important design element while keeping everyone and everything inside protected from the weather. In short, a great roof looks great and can increase the value of the home.

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