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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Solar Shingle Roofs

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With rising costs and dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, wise consumers are turning to alternative methods of heating and cooling their homes and businesses. Solar power has been around for a long time, but new, more efficient solar shingles may be an ideal solution for clients wishing to save money yet still showcase their property and increase their overall property value. Experts at The Woodlands Roofing can provide estimates and information to help property owners determine if a solar shingle roof is the right choice for them.

Unlike solar arrays that extend upward and look ungainly and awkward, solar shingles are only slightly raised above the existing roof line and lie flush with it for a compact and functional solar array. Additionally, the solar shingle color can be matched to existing asphalt shingles, making the array even less noticeable. The number of solar shingles needed depends on the amount of electricity that is needed, based on the size of the home or business and the amount of electricity used day-to-day. Some people assume that the entire roof must be covered in solar shingles, but that is rarely the case. Careful planning can help home and business owners capitalize on the amount of electricity they can produce to optimize savings.

One of the most advantageous qualities of installing a solar shingle roof is the amount of money that property owners will save each month on their electric bills.

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The solar shingles capture sunlight, via photovoltaic cells, and transform it into electricity to power the property. With proper planning, it is possible to produce up to 100 percent of the power needed to operate the average home. In some areas, excess electricity can be sold back to the power company for even more savings. While most people are aware of these cost savings, they may not realize that installing a solar shingle roof can save them in other ways as well. Both federal and local governments offer significant tax incentives, often as much as 30 percent, for installing and using solar power to heat and cool a home or business.

Often, consumers are concerned about the initial cost of installing a solar shingle roof, which is greater than a traditional shingle roof, but with all the cost-saving benefits, it truly is a sound and economical investment over the long term. In addition, solar roofing shingles do not harm the environment, and they may even make people more aware of their energy consumption. As a result, property owners find that they use less energy overall, which adds even more to their savings.

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