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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Benefits Of A Roof Tear Off

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When a new roof is necessary, homeowners often have the option of reroofing or choosing a full tear off. There are times when reroofing is not possible; for example, when a home has already been reroofed, installing a third layer of shingles will likely not be an option. Additionally, if there are indications of roof damage or a roof deck that is rotting, a complete removal of the old roofing shingles is usually the best way to take care of the necessary repairs prior to the installation of a new roof.

An experienced roofing contractor will be able to offer important information that can help homeowners choose the best option for their circumstances. The Woodlands roofing contractor a homeowner hires should be able to provide information on the pros and cons of reroofing as well as the benefits of choosing a complete roof tear off.

The benefits of reroofing are mainly financial. When homeowners choose this option, they can save money on the installation of a new roof because there is no labor or disposal fee for removing old roofing materials. However, it is important to keep in mind that the financial savings are only in the short term. Over time, reroofing can actually end up costing a homeowner more than a brand new roof that is installed after a tear off.

Any of the roofing contractors from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of The Woodlands TX can answer your questions about residential roofing or roof repairs.

One of the factors that must be taken into consideration is the fact that a home that is reroofed is often less energy efficient. The extra layer of shingles can trap warm air on the roof. This results in higher cooling bills. A home that is reroofed is also less desirable on the real estate market and typically will not have the same resale value as a home with a new roof installed after a tear off.

A major disadvantage of reroofing is that the new roof will not have the same lifespan as a roof that is installed after the roof deck is cleared of old materials. With a shortened lifespan, homeowners will be facing the expense of a new roof much sooner than should be necessary.

Additionally, it can be easy for homeowners to overlook the fact that the cost of a new roof in the future is going to be much higher. The next time the home needs to be roofed, both layers of roofing materials will need to be removed. This extra tear off expense can add a great deal to the cost of a future roof.

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