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Tile is more expensive than other types of roofing material. Their cost is offset by their durability. Depending on manufacturing quality, a tile roof may last longer than fifty years. Consequently, their durability enhances and protects your home for a longer period than other roofing types thus justifying their initial cost. Their drawbacks such as weight, unique installation requirements and periodic maintenance are negated by their longevity. The Woodlands Roofing can assist you with your selection and installation of tile roofs.

Tile roofs can be manufactured from clay and concrete. These materials, though durable, are heavy. Their weight may require re-enforcement to your roof substructure. Lightweight versions are becoming available, negating the need for re-enforcement on many structures. Tile roofing is available in textures replicating other types of roofing such as slate and wood. It is also available in a varying range of colors including green, red and grey.

Tiles roofs have a long life and enhance the looks of any structure. There are other benefits as well compared to less expensive roofing types. Tile roofs resist harsh conditions better than others do. Natural extremes such as earthquakes and hurricanes have less destructive effects on tile. They are also highly fire resistant.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality roofing Services of The Woodlands can answer your questions about shingle roofs or metal roofs.

Fire resistance is important in that impeding the spread of a fire will allow additional time for evacuation and for emergency personnel to arrive.

Tile roofs have great insulating properties. Consequently, they are very energy efficient. The savings in energy costs offsets the initial investment further justifying their installation. Another benefit of tile roofs is their extensive color range. This allows tile roofs an ability to complement the exterior of any structure.

Tile roofs have the ability to add quality to any structure. Their unique appeal for a perspective buyer adds to the resale value of your structure. Their quality, durability and visual appeal will enhance the attractiveness and value of any structure.

The drawbacks of tile roofs are minuscule when compared with their benefits. They are heavy but very durable. They have unique installation requirements and are expensive, but they can have a life span over 50 years. They may require some maintenance with age as they may become brittle, but all roof types require maintenance when faced with harsh extremes.

Tile roofs are more expensive than other roof types, but durability, energy savings and increased resale value offset the initial cost. They are highly resistant to natural extremes and are very fire resistant. Their inherent quality and visual appeal will enhance any structure. They can be expensive and they have unique installation requirements, but their benefits far outweigh their drawbacks. Tile roofs, regardless of cost, are a wise investment for any homeowner.

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