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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Best Roofs For Solar Panels

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With energy costs soaring, scores of home and business owners are looking into the possibility of having solar panels installed on their rooftops. The savings can be well worth the initial expense. However, one factor that is often overlooked is the effect of the solar equipment on the roofing materials underneath. What type of roof can best handle a layer of electricity producing devices attached to it? This question can be answered in detail by The Woodlands roofing experts when residents call for a free consultation.

Perhaps the most important consideration is the condition of the existing roof. Once the solar panels have been added, they must be removed before the roof can be replaced. The property owner who has an aging roof is wise to replace it before finalizing a solar panel purchase. The new roofing system should have a long life expectancy so that it won't need to be changed until the solar panels are ready for replacement. Since most solar energy panel warranties cover at least 25 years, the roofing system should be selected on the basis of strength and durability.

If the solar products are to be placed over a composite shingle roof type, then mounts must be bolted into the rafters and connected to rails. The gaps created by the mounts are sealed, but this procedure establishes an area that may be prone to leaks in the future. A flat roof built with either polyurethane foam or tar and gravel can hold solar panels on racks that are secured by ballasts.

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Although the panels are lightweight, the ballasts can be heavy items such as concrete blocks. The building must be structurally sound in order to bear the additional weight.

The expense of having solar equipment installed on a tile or wood roof can be high. Like asphalt shingles, these materials require drilling. Unfortunately, they are more fragile than most roofing materials and are usually damaged during the process. In fact, they can crack just from the pressure of the technicians walking on them. The repair of broken shakes or chipped tiles adds to the total bill. Metal is a roofing material that can handle a solar panel installment without requiring holes to be punched through its layers. It is a viable option because it weighs very little in comparison to wood, slate and concrete systems. Additionally, metal roofs last for many years and are unlikely to need maintenance before the solar devices are ready for replacement.

The roof's shape can be an issue for solar panel installers when the pitch is unusually high or the design is irregular. If safety equipment must be utilized in order to secure the panels onto the house, then the seller charges the buyer accordingly. Any obstacle that makes the installation more hazardous or time consuming increases the initial cost of going solar. The property owner's biggest advantage is knowing what to expect and how to prepare.

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