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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Common Rooftop Materials

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Homeowners who plan on installing a new roofing system or purchasing one to replace an older rooftop will be able to make a better investment for the long term when they know their options. The Woodlands roofing experts can provide homeowners with a wide variety of different material installation options, depending on what their client would like to use as a primary surface for the roof. Every major roofing material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it is recommended for homeowners to consider every aspect of the project to make the best decision.

Asphalt shingles are the most frequently used of all roofing materials. They are available in several types, such as architectural, and they are the least expensive of all materials available. They are typically made with a fiberglass base that is covered in asphalt and then given a surface of granules. These standard shingles can be an efficient and basic way to protect the roof from a variety of problems, including physical abrasions and weather damage.

Wood shingles, which are called wood shakes, are another popular option available for residential areas. Wood has been used for many centuries because of how durable and reliable it is. It can provide homeowners with a tremendous amount of protection while being able to last more than twice as long as an asphalt roofing system.

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However, these shingles are usually more difficult and expensive to install.

Metal is not as popular as asphalt or wood, but it is extremely durable. Metal rooftops include common alloys such as copper, aluminum, lead and different types of steel. Some systems are installed as shingles while others are installed as sheets. While metal rooftops can provide excellent protection against the elements and stand the test of time, they are very expensive to install.

Tiles and cementitious materials can be considered by homeowners who want to establish a certain visual effect in their home. These shingles are often arranged in a half cylinder style that is common in Spanish and Mediterranean homes. All of these systems are extremely durable and long lasting, but they tend to be heavy and expensive to install.

Finally, homeowners may consider installing a slate rooftop. Slate is one of the most sturdy and long lived materials available. While slate is not as popular as other systems, it can provide homes with an unparalleled degree of protection. However, while it is advantageous in terms of its physical properties, it does tend to be heavier and more difficult to install than other options.

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