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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Common Rooftop Problems

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Regular rooftop maintenance procedures and inspections are some of the most important obligations that homeowners have. Not only can regular inspections help individuals protect their homes from all types of damage, but they can also be a good way to make sure that the roof's warranty is still valid. The Woodlands roofing specialists can provide their clients with a thorough rooftop inspection whenever it is necessary, but it is recommended for all customers to learn about what types of damage their system may be vulnerable to throughout the year.

No matter how well the homeowner takes care of their roofing system, they will always have to deal with time and aging damage. The fact that the roof's shingles have to stay exposed to the elements means that the roof's surface will always take regular damage over time. Fortunately, however, homeowners will be able to spot signs of damage easily, especially in an older system. Individuals can watch out for obvious indicators of wear and tear, such as fading and alligatoring and call the professionals when repairs are needed.

Another series of problems that homeowners should be wary of are signs of storm and weather damage.

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While roofing systems are designed to be durable, nature can eventually take its toll. Enough high winds, heavy rains and damaging hails can cause extensive damage to the roof's surface. If debris is allowed to settle over the roofing system, the weather related problems might become exacerbated. It is recommended for homeowners to inspect their property for signs of damage after a major weather event.

Homeowners should make sure to inspect the drainage system on their roof as well. The gutters are often a problematic section for roofing systems because water tends to overflow when the gutter gets clogged up. That overflowing water can lead to ponding and leaking along the roof's surface, which can cause moisture problems for the home. Proper maintenance involves clearing away debris from the roof's gutters, which can be enough to prevent almost all types of overflow issues.

Finally, all individuals should be sure to inspect their property for vegetation damage. This means looking into any section of the roof that could be potentially clogged up with the presence of leaves, dirt and twigs. If left alone, vegetation can lead to the growth of moss and lichen, which can weigh down on the roof's surface. In the most extensive cases of vegetation damage, the moss can result in leaks and structural collapses.

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