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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Components Of Solar Shingle Roofs

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Solar shingle roofing systems are quickly becoming the most popular type of solar system for heating and cooling homes and businesses for a number of reasons. Not only are they cost-effective, they significantly reduce the need for fossil fuel consumption. Additionally, they are more attractive than solar panel arrays and allow property owners to harness the power of the sun without ruining the aesthetic of their homes and businesses. The professional roofers at The Woodlands Roofing can assist property owners in determining if a solar roofing system is advantage for a specific property, and can determine the overall costs and potential savings.

Solar roofing systems are comprised of several parts that integrate into the existing electrical grid of a structure. The individual shingles perform two main functions. They act as a roofing shingle that protects the home just like a standard composite or asphalt shingle, and they capture sunlight and convert it to energy. The shingles are made up of a male and female coupling that fit together. They are coated with crystalline silicon, which is a semiconductor that converts the sunlight into energy.

Energy is produced when it encounters the shingle because the silicon coating creates an imbalance in the electrical charge of the photon of sunlight. It knocks off a negative electrical charge, which is subsequently stored and used for power.

The negative electrical charge travels via the wiring that connects each shingle to a solar power inverter. The inverter is a box that transforms the direct current that is captured in the shingle to alternating current used by most electrical items in a home or business.

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The inverter box is not overly large, and it can be tucked away in an attic or garage. Placing the box close to the roof is ideal as that placement reduces the amount of wiring needed. A newer model of solar shingles is constructed so that each one has a micro inverter on the backside of the shingle. At present; however, these models are a little more expensive and more time consuming to install. In either case, very little energy is lost through the transformation from DC to AC, only about 10 percent on average.

Once the shingles are wired to the inverter box, it is then connected directly into the electrical panel. This requires a permit and must be done by a qualified contractor. It is advisable to check the existing panel prior to installing a solar roofing system because a new panel may need to be installed in order to manage the excess energy load.

Once all the components are installed and operational, it is possible that the system will meet 100 percent of the property's energy needs. Any excess energy can generally be sold to the local power company, but it would also be advisable to check the regulations prior to installation. Some states are not yet equipped to make use of the excess energy, though everyone is working toward that goal.

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