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Many areas in the US, in particular Western areas, are populated by houses with lovely red tile roofs. Homeowners considering replacing their old roofs may wonder if they should replace the roof with the same material, or choose something else. Homeowners who currently have asphalt shingles but appreciate the traditional look of red tiles may be wondering if there any disadvantages to switching to red tile.

Red tile is a type of fired clay tile. It is probably one of the oldest roofing materials ever invented. Roofs were being made of fired clay as long as 10,000 years ago. Red clay tiles were used on Spanish missions throughout the Western states, and the Mission clay tiles style is considered particularly appropriate for certain Spanish-styled buildings common in the Western areas.

The major disadvantage to red tile roofs is the difficulty of installation. Roofers who only have experience with asphalt shingles are likely to install tile roofs incorrectly, leading to damage to the shingles and the underlying house. Only a roofer with demonstrated experience in installing clay tiles, such as The Woodlands Roofing, should be entrusted with building or repairing a red tile roof.

Red tile has many advantages as a roofing material. It is fireproof and impermeable to water, snow and ice.

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It is not affected by cycles of freezing and thawing or by salt in coastal areas. They are extremely durable- they can last up to 100 years and require no maintenance. In contrast, the average asphalt shingle roof only lasts around 15 years in a hot, dry climate.

For the environmentally conscious, red tile is a wonderful material. It is made of all-natural materials, is completely recyclable, and it does not harm the environment at any point during its life cycle.

Most roofs in the US are dark in color and are considered non-reflective. Non-reflective roofs absorb heat and help warm the house, a very useful trait in cool climates. In hotter climates, lighter-colored, more reflective roofs help keep the house cool and cut down on air-conditioning costs. Certain types of red tile roofs are made in highly reflective materials that are ideal for warm climates.

After installation, care should be taken to avoid breaking clay tiles. A common cause of tile damage is a tree limb falling on the roof, but proper trimming of trees will prevent that problem. A red tile roof should not be walked on, but as they require no maintenance, that is not usually a major problem. The installation costs for a red tile roof are higher than those for an asphalt shingle roof are, but when considering how durable and maintenance-free a red tile roof is, these costs will be more than offset.

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