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As the housing market continues to recover from the great recession of 2008, the roofing industry follows suit. Demand for new construction starts continues to increase, and the need for new home roofs mirror that demand. Roofing contractors throughout the industry are in a prime position to increase sales and generate new business, including The Woodlands roofing companies.

As of 2015, existing homeowners see a trend developing where consumers look towards reroofs as opposed to new installations. Contractors who reroof a home cover the current roof with new materials. The process does not require an extensive tear off of the existing roof. Therefore, the labor costs are far less than full installations. The trend shows that consumers who live in areas with extreme climate changes choose reroofs because of the low costs and the similar type of protection they offer when compared to new installations. However, contractors cannot reroof homes with concrete tiles. Each tile requires a full replacement if they are damaged or destroyed.

Homeowners today continue to follow past trends when it comes to selecting roofing products.

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Instead of choosing roofs with style and curb appeal, consumers continue to look for roofs requiring little or no maintenance and the durability to withstand the toughest climates. Asphalt shingles remain the most popular choice among homeowners. Low prices and easy installation draw many homeowners to asphalt shingles. Dimensional shingles offer a variety of colors and styles but typically cost more than traditional asphalt shingles.

As of 2015, Concrete and clay roofing tiles continue to gain in popularity among homeowners. Tiles are well known for their durability and energy efficient qualities. Southwestern, Spanish and Mediterranean style homeowners prefer clay tiles to maintain the home's architectural integrity. The color variations offered by clay tiles work well with many homeowners who want to maintain the curb appeal of their house. However, concrete and clay tiles cost far more than asphalt and three tab shingles in addition to requiring additional labor costs to complete the installation.

Many homeowners prefer slate over tile and shingles because it adds a distinctive quality to the home. The wide range of colors available in slate roofing, including red, purple, blue, gray and black, add character and elegance that tile and shingles cannot provide. Slate roofing can last up to 50 years but costs more than concrete and clay tile to install. Typically, contractors charge $600 or more per roofing square to install slate.

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