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The roof is one of the single-most important features of any home. It protects the family and their possessions from the outside elements as well as sparks architectural interests. This is because roofs come in a variety of different styles and shapes. While some of these styles are designed in a way that makes them more functional, others are made simply to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Before hiring The Woodlands roofing experts to redesign a roof, it's important for homeowners to know about the many different styles available.

One style of roof is a flat roof, the simplest style for professional roofers to build. Flat roofs require fewer roofing materials than other styles. Due to their lack of a steep pitch, however, it's important for flat roofs to be waterproofed properly. One of the biggest draws to having a flat roof is that it gives homes extra area. Instead of having a pitched roof, which can't be used for anything, flat roofs give homeowners a chance to start their own gardens or provide sitting areas.

A shed roof, also known as a skillion roof, is made of a single plane like a flat roof.

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Unlike a flat roof, however, a shed roof is high on one end of the house and low on the other to help with drainage. Shed roofs give houses unique architectural style on the outside but can sometimes leave homeowners with oddly shaped rooms on the inside.

Gable or pitched roofs are the most commonly used roofing style. They are characterized by having two sides that slope downward from a fundamental ridge. Gable roofs have plenty of benefits, including being the perfect roof style for just about any climate. Roofs done in this style do well at preventing the buildup of debris and can be vented easily. They also leave enough room underneath for homes to have an attic space.

Another common style of roof is a hipped or hip roof. With this style of roof, all of the sides slope downward gently to the walls. The slopes are much shallower than those on a gable roof are. If a hipped roof were sitting on a perfectly square house, it would form a pyramid shape but have a flat ridge on the top. This style of roof is generally used in areas where rainstorms are frequent, and it's the perfect roofing style for any homeowner who doesn't require a lot of attic space. A mansard is a variation of the hipped roofing style. It has two slopes of various angles on each side.

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