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Increasingly, homeowners are opting for eco-friendly roofs and spurring one of the fastest growing segments of the roofing industry. Making the decision to use a "greener" roofing product, however, can be overwhelming. There are numerous products available, and each has remarkable benefits as well as some disadvantages. To make the decision-making process simpler, homeowners should follow a few important dos and don'ts.

First, homeowners should be clear about what they want to achieve whether the goal to save money on energy costs, reap tax credits or add value to the home. Do the homeowners want to create a roof that adds vegetation, or are they interested in using recycled or recyclable products? Homeowners who clarify their goals and define how much money they are willing to spend for those benefits are better prepared for selecting their roofs.

Next, consumers should research their options. From solar and cool roofs to vegetated roofs, the possibilities seem endless. For this step, smart consumers will rely on the advice of The Woodlands roofing contractors who are reputable and experienced in local needs and trends.

Before a decision is made, consumers should use one of the many online calculators to determine whether the roof's benefits outweigh the cost. Based on the home's location, many online calculators show the cost of installing nature-friendly roofs versus traditional asphalt shingles.

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They also calculate the bump in home value that results from installing the environmentally friendly roof and the energy costs homeowners can expect to save. Most eco-friendly roof manufacturers offer these savings calculators as do roofing industry groups and government agencies like the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

A homeowner's "don't" list is similarly important. Homeowners shouldn't assume the roof can be recycled when it's replaced, and they shouldn't jump on a new product's bandwagon if it hasn't been thoroughly reviewed and recommended by local roofers. Once the roof is installed, homeowners shouldn't skimp on maintenance. Routine, professional maintenance is the best way to preserve the roof, and a longer-lasting roof conserves resources and money. Finally, don't forget to apply for local and state rebates, federal tax credits and incentives from local utility companies.

Whether opting for solar shingles, cool roofs or any of the dozens of other greener roof options, tens of thousands of consumers are finding that eco-friendly roofs can pay off in the long run. With a little help from an experienced roofer and some research and forethought, consumers can find just the right roof to achieve their environmental and cost-saving goals.

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