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Many homeowners are surprised to learn about fiber cement siding. Although it has been around for years, it is still new to most customers. Homeowners on a strict budget usually look to vinyl siding; however, it does not provide the visual appeal homeowners desire, and with time, plastic cracks and yellows. Owners will also appreciate that there is no need to remove the existing siding, as fiber cement lies over the current product.

To create fiber cement, manufacturers add color and stamp various patterns onto the mixture. The cement then bakes in an autoclave, much like pottery. Manufacturers then create thin strips and allow the planks to harden into shingles of different sizes.

However, the large cement planks outweigh regular wood siding. Although supple, fiber cement needs special care during application to prevent damaging the product. Therefore, installation is not a do it yourself project. Also, cutting cement siding also requires the exact tools for a precise cut. Thus, a homeowner should consult a reputable professional from a The Woodlands roofing company to provide the best treatment for the fiber cement.

Furthermore, based on its wood elements, fiber cement is not 100 percent fire resistant. However, its concrete makeup, and thick consistency will reduce the development of the flames, providing time for families to leave their homes safely.

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Hence, due to its inability to rapidly warm the home, experts found that cement's R value (insulating elements) is relatively small and will not insulate the home on its own.

Even so, fiber cement continues to rank higher than other products due to the minimal maintenance required for its upkeep. What's more is that fiber cement is moisture and insect resistant. In fact, the product can withstand harsh weather conditions like ice and heat and not decay. Unlike vinyl, cement does not rot or require ongoing repainting.

At one time, the materials included asbestos fibers that tarnished its reputation. Manufacturers now mix cellulose fibers into the process, with Portland cement and sand, eliminating the need for asbestos. Also, environmentally speaking, fiber cement does emanate some greenhouse gas during production. Even so, unlike vinyl, fiber cement is passive, and the amount of gas produced does not equivocate to the off gas generated by plastic, which last for years after installation.

Cement is not on the top of the list for the most eco friendly building product available, but it proves to be a greener alternative to vinyl siding.

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