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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Green Roofing Concepts

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As roofs age, homeowners must start thinking about a proper replacement project. With all the modern roofing materials available, residents often want a more eco-friendly installation compared to years past. The Woodlands roofing professionals can go over all options during an estimate to ensure an Earth-friendly removal, replacement and disposal process.

Homeowners should consider a metal roof installation with a light color. Roofs don't have to be black, gray or brown. Ask for a light beige tone, for example, to reflect the sunlight's heat. With a cool roof, the home won't have to use so much air conditioning throughout the year. A cool interior reduces electrical use and fossil fuel burning at the electric company. The light-colored roof even makes it stand out more from its neighbors, creating strong curb appeal.

With a metal roof installation comes longevity. Instead of lasting a standard 30 years, metal roofs offer 50 years of viable use. Homeowners won't have to create landfill waste with another roofing project. Generally, home improvement waste is a significant contributor to landfill amounts. When roofs last longer, homeowners indirectly benefit the environment with no disposal needs.

If homeowners prefer shingle installations, they can still help the environment by recycling their removed materials. Many recyclers use discarded shingles as roadway materials because roofs have significant bitumen and asphalt components.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality roofing Services of Woodlands can answer your questions about roof repairs or shingle roofs.

Homeowners simply need to talk to their contractor about recycling processes. Professionals may have contacts in the industry to lower recycling costs and streamline the entire transport process.

One of the newest green roofing concepts available is solar shingles. Homeowners don't need large panels installed on a roof anymore. Solar shingles have embedded components within their structure to absorb sunlight. Contractors must install and connect the shingles into the home's main electrical system, however. Because only a few contractors can perform this service, homeowners must interview and select specialty roofers to ensure a quality installation. The technology is slowly becoming more widespread as consumers ask for the products. As time passes, more professionals will offer this service to environmentally conscious consumers.

Homeowners turning to metal or solar roof installations are benefiting more than the environment. Residents will see a dramatic increase in property value, especially if they put the home on the market soon after the installation. However, roofing investments normally pay off for the homeowner if they remain in the home for several years after the installation. The property value will still be substantial in future years.

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