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When homeowners think of their roofing systems, many only consider the actual roof itself, including the roof covering, an underlay and the roofing deck. What most people forget is that gutters play a huge role in the overall roofing system. If they become clogged, water is unable to properly drain from the roof, which can cause water pooling around the foundation of a home. Having gutter guards installed by The Woodlands roofing experts can prevent this, and there are many different types.

First of all, it's important for homeowners to know what gutter guards are. These are pieces of material that fit over existing gutters. They can be used on any roofing system, regardless of whether it's on a flat or slopped roof. The style and material that the gutter guard is made out of is determined by the type of gutter guard that the homeowners choose. If people are unsure as to which gutter guard to get, they should ask their professional roofers to recommend a type.

Gutter guards cut down on the amount of maintenance that gutters need. The purpose of guards is to cover the existing gutters so that water can enter into the gutter but debris cannot. There are five different types of gutter guards: mesh, bottlebrush, reverse curve, nylon and foam. Each one has its own pros and cons.

Mesh gutter guards are typically made out from metal sheets that have tiny holes drilled into them.

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These holes allow water to flow freely into the gutters while stopping debris, such as leaves and seeds. Reverse curve gutters direct the flow of water downward and the direction of debris over the top of the curve and down to the ground. Nylon gutter guards are work well during the winter because their design also prevents snow from building up in the gutters. This type of gutter guard usually resembles a mesh cover.

Bottlebrush gutter guards resemble a wired brush that people use to clean the inside of bottles, which is where it got its name. Bristles are placed along the entire gutter facing upright. Water can flow in between the bristles, but debris cannot. The last type of gutter guard is foam. These are typically made out of plastic and fit into the gutter, making an outward arch. Once again, water flows past the foam but debris does not.

All of these gutter guards work at keeping gutters clean. However, there are a few that have disadvantages. For example, bottlebrush gutter guards tend to trap debris in their bristles, so while the debris doesn't build up in the gutters, it builds up in the gutter guards instead. Foam gutter guards are great, but they tend to break down faster than traditional metal or plastic guards.

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