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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About How Weather Affects A Roof

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Certain weather conditions dramatically impact the life span of a roof and cause premature deterioration of the underlying materials. Some of the most common extreme weather conditions include heavy rain, high winds and hail. Heavy snow takes a toll on roofs, but wind and rain create the biggest problems because every region in the country experiences high wind gusts and bouts of heavy rain. If a major weather event occurs, homeowners should contact roofing contractors in the area to inspect the homes, such as The Woodlands roofing companies.

Heavy rain poses a large threat to any roof. Large bursts of rain can wreak havoc on roofs, including those covered with materials graded the highest throughout the industry. Over time, the water from heavy downpours starts to seep into the underlying materials and slowly creates leaks, especially on roofs covered with concrete tiles. Since tiles offer the least amount of protection when compared to high grade shingles, the underlying materials on concrete tile roofs need a high industry rating in order to withstand heavy water flows from large bursts of rain.

High winds affect a roof in a number of different ways. First, asphalt shingles, the most popular type of roof among homeowners, suffers the greatest damage from heavy winds. Because of their light texture and weight, heavy winds can rip shingles clean off a roof and damage the underlying materials.

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If heavy rain follows high winds, leaks form instantaneously and damage the electrical components and drywall underneath the roof. Any shingles torn off due to heavy winds need immediate repairs, especially if the weather forecast calls for continued heavy rain.

Concrete tiles offer the greatest protection from high winds. Homeowners who live in regions where high winds are common prefer the durability and strength of concrete tiles. Heavy winds cannot force concrete tiles from moving out of their current position. Each tile weighs approximately nine to 12 pounds, and that weight prevents heavy winds from dislodging the tiles.

Homeowners must inspect their roofs thoroughly after an extreme weather event. A roof is the first line of defense from heavy rain, snow and gusting wind. Therefore, homeowners need to evaluate whether a major storm caused any damage that prevents a roof from protecting their home during the next major storm. Evaluate the entire roof for missing shingles, concrete tiles or any displaced metal. Inspect the gutters for broken or missing metal, and thoroughly inspect the flashing around chimneys for broken or missing metal. Check water leaks after heavy rains and if a new leak forms, hire a contractor to fix the leak immediately.

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