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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Identifying Leaks In The Roof

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In addition to its more obvious functions of repelling the sun and rain, the roof serves an essential purpose in keeping the inside air in. Air conditioning and climate control are major concerns for homeowners. The Woodlands roofing professionals can help homeowners maintain a perfect seal around their house. The first step in doing so is to find where the heat is leaking out of the roof. This means identifying the points on the roof where heat most easily transfers. Once these spots have been found, it may be relatively simple to repair them.

There are many methods for finding the heat leaks in the roof. One of the best and most traditional methods is unfortunately difficult to practice in the Houston area. In snowy climates, it is a simple matter of waiting for a fresh snowfall and surveying the roof. Every spot where hot air is escaping from the inside will be unmistakably marked with melting snow. As the snow melts, the pattern of heat transfer will be revealed. Although snow usually comes to Houston once a year, it brings with it an opportunity to get out there and learn what is happening with the roof.

Fortunately, technology has improved to the point that people do not have to wait for the one snowy day a year to see where their roof needs insulation.

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Infrared thermal sensors are available in practically any high end construction supplies store and online. There are video cameras that allow a homeowner to study the heat transfer on a roof in real time, but they can be expensive and may require expertise to operate. Infrared thermometers can measure the temperature of an object visually. If the sensor is carefully and methodically played across the surface of the roof, it should be able to determine the general temperature of the roofing material and identify any unusually hot or cool areas. This does not require actually being on the roof in question, which should always be left to the professionals. It may be necessary to examine the roof at different times of day in order to completely understand the heat transfer patterns.

Once the concentrations of heat transfer are identified, homeowners can then insulate the most vulnerable points. They may also investigate the reasons for the leaks appearing in those particular places, as this may indicate other problems deeper inside the structure. Large savings can be had by finding and fixing the biggest leaks.

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