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Many homeowners assume that dealing with small animals is just another part of owning a home. Some even grow accustomed to hearing the sounds of those animals racing back and forth across the roof. Those who stop and think about those animals will find that it's a greater problem than they first assumed. Squirrels, rats, owls and various types of birds can all damage roofs, gutters and downspouts. Those animals tear apart shingles and other roofing materials to build their nests, can gain access to homes through just a small hole and can build nests in the eaves, gutters and other parts of the home. The Woodlands roofing companies encourage local homeowners to get professional help when dealing with those animals.

One of the best deterrents against birds and other small animals is a gutter screen. Gutter screens prevent those animals from gaining access to the gutters and building their nests there. The screens may even cause some animals to flee and seek out a safer and easier place to live. If the screens do not work effectively as a deterrent, gutter guards might work.

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Gutter guards are a little thicker and more durable, so they hold up better against attacks from larger or stronger animals.

Using humane traps is another possible solution. Traps work best when used during the spring, which is when most animals mate and build nests. Humane traps use some type of bait inside, and when animals seek out the bait, they trigger the trap. It then closes behind them and keeps them locked inside. Homeowners can contact animal control to come out and remove the traps. Animal control will often move the animals to a new location and let them go free. Traps are suitable for use against many different types of animals, including birds and squirrels.

Some homeowners may find that traps and screens do not work well against pigeons and other types of larger birds. Rather than wasting money on sprays and other products designed to scare those birds away from the roof, homeowners can replace the roof with a metal roof or hire a roofing company to add sheets of stainless steel or another type of metal to the roof. Contractors place the sheets at odd angles to create sloped portions on the roof. As the birds cannot build nests on those surfaces, they move on to other homes, giving homeowners more peace of mind and an escape from those birds.

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