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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Maintaining A Cedar Shake Roof

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When it comes to choosing the perfect roof covering, homeowners can't go wrong with wood shakes. This is a material that gives homes a natural look that no other materials can match for the price. One of the most popular types of wood roofing is cedar shakes. The Woodlands roofing professionals typically recommend cedar because it's strong and can hold up well against natural elements. However, to ensure that cedar lives up to its name, it's important that homeowners have it professionally maintained over the course of its life.

The first reason why homeowners need to have their cedar roofs maintained by experts is to have it cleaned. Unlike most types of wood roofing, cedar is naturally resistant to water damage. However, it can still become warped and damaged if the water cannot properly drain. Homeowners should have professionals clean their roofs biannually to ensure that the gutters are clear of debris and nothing is blocking water from draining off the roof.

Another reason why cedar has to be maintained is because it's susceptible to algae, mildew and mold growth. These problems typically start to form when parts of the cedar remain in dark or damp areas such as under trees. This keeps the roof from drying out properly and provides a nice breeding ground for organic material. Over time, this material can eat holes in the wood and damage the overall roofing system.

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Once this organic material makes its way to the roofing deck, homeowners have little choice but to replace the entire roofing system.

Homes that have multiple levels of roofing have to worry about roof splits and peaks. The area where two different roof peaks meet is called a valley. An open valley is usually covered with a long piece of metal called a flashing. The metal is often painted to keep it from rusting. Flashing hardly ever lasts the lifespan of the roof, which is why it has to be inspected and replaced regularly.

Due to the fact that wood roofs can become the victims of plants and animals, it's important for homeowners to have them chemically treated every few years. Chemical coatings help roofs in a number of ways. First, they prevent insects and animals from wanting to build homes in or on the wood. It also deters the growth of plants that might be dropped on top of the house by birds flying overhead. Cedar roofs naturally deter insects from building nests for the first couple of years. However, this unique benefit starts to fade over time, and it becomes important to have the roof treated. Since messing with chemicals is always dangerous, it's recommended that homeowners call professionals to have their roofs treated.

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