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Flat roofs are easier and cheaper to build than sloped roofs. They are also considered one of the most energy-efficient types of roofs to install. They offer additional living space because they can be used as patios and gardens. While not commonly seen in cold climates due to the problems of snow buildup, they are an ideal choice for a hot, arid climate. The only real drawback to a flat roof in an appropriate climate is the need for maintenance.

Practically all modern flat roof systems use a waterproof rubber membrane system underneath the top layer of roofing material. The membrane ensures that water stays out of the building. It can be difficult to spot leaks in a flat roof, so homeowners should not rely on their own casual inspections to ensure their roofing system is intact. Flat roof systems should be inspected by a The Woodlands roofing professional every three or four years to ensure that the seams in the membrane are intact. If they are not intact, they will need to be repaired before expensive damage occurs to the underlying roof deck.

In between professional inspections, homeowners should regularly inspect flat roofs for any signs of damage or water leakage. Disturbed gravel should be immediately smoothed down to protect the underlying surface. Any snow should be removed as soon as possible.

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Hailstorms can cause significant problems with flat roofs. The ice pellets can block drainage systems and cause water to pool on the roof, which may unexpectedly reveal any minor problems with the roofing membrane's seams. Leaves and debris that accumulate and block rainwater drainage can cause similar problems.

A properly maintained flat roof should last at least 20 years, which is just as long as a typical sloped roof with asphalt shingles. When it comes time to replace a flat roof, homeowners will have to consider their options. Older flat roof systems may consist of tar and gravel or a peel-and-stick system of modified bitumen. Some may even consist of nothing more than concrete or masonry. Most modern flat roofs use a waterproof membrane that is often covered with gravel or crushed stone.

Waterproof membranes are made out of rubber materials and are usually black. A dark-colored roof will absorb sunlight and increase air conditioning bills. Paying extra for a high-reflective membrane to be installed will quickly pay off in savings on utility bills. Covering the membrane with a light-colored gravel will also help reflect sunlight. If the roof is intended to be used as additional living space, rigid panels should be installed over the membrane to protect it.

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