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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Major Causes Of Roof Leaks

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Leaks are bad news for homeowners because they can cause damage to the roofing deck and lead to mold development. It's important for people to have their roofs inspected often for leaks. Since it can be dangerous for homeowners to climb onto their roofs, it's always recommended that they hire professionals to do it for them. The Woodlands roofing experts are trained to spot even the smallest of leaks.

One of the major causes of leaks is the penetration of pipes on the roof. Despite the fact that all contractors know that running a pipe through the roof can cause major leaks, many do it anyway. Some of the most common pipes to see sticking out of a house are exhaust flues, vent pipes and ventilation ducts. Unfortunately, these pipes are necessities for most homes. As the rubber sealer around a pipe starts to dry and crack, it gives water a direct path into the house. Roofing experts can repair or replace the seal as needed.

Seams or transition points are the weakest parts of any roof. Flashing is the best way to cover and protect these weak points from leaking. As time passes, flashing can become corroded by water damage.

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In some cases, it can become missing altogether because of strong winds that strip it from the top of the house. Without flashing, a home becomes extremely susceptible to leaks.

Skylights, which are windows in the roof, are a popular feature in many homes. They let natural light into a house and become an attractive focal point. The problem with skylights is that a hole has to be cut directly into the roof for the windows to be installed. Anytime a hole is put into the roof, it increases the home's chance of getting leaks. Most skylights are well sealed, but this seal can break down over time. Since skylights are usually located directly over a room in the house, such as a family room, leaks are easy to notice.

Homeowners who have a fireplace or chimney are already at a higher risk of having leaks. This is because it's hard for roofers to seal every tiny gap between the plywood floor of the roofing deck and the brick of the chimney. Just like with skylights, the biggest problem with a chimney is that it creates yet another hole in the roof. With every hole in the roof, the homeowner sees an increase in the possibility of water leaks. Homeowners can hire professional roofers to check the flashing that covers the seal between their roofs and chimneys.

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