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By far the greatest benefit of a metal roof is its longevity. As long as it is properly installed, a metal roof should last as long as the home it shelters. The paint finish is usually guaranteed for 30 years, and the metal roof is backed from 20 to 50 years.

There are The Woodlands roofing professionals who are fully trained and experienced in planning and installing a variety of metal roofing systems. These systems can be composed of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper or alloys.

A metal roof is resistant to many of the hazards faced by a home's roof, including fire, rot and even insects. Storms that bring damaging high winds, torrential rains and blizzard snows don't affect it. The consequences of bad weather slide right off its panels.

The roof is also far lighter than its counterparts are. Concrete roofing can weigh as much as 900 pounds per square (a square is the equal to 100 square feet). Metal roofing weighs only 50 to 150 pounds per square.

Because of its weight, a metal roof can usually be installed directly over an existing structure without the need for added support or tearing off the old roof. If the roof is to be installed over a new home, the number of roof support members can be reduced.

A metal roof is also faster and easier to install than other choices. The material comes in panel widths measuring from 12 to 36 inches or in sections containing multiple shingles. An experienced crew can quickly install the new roof. If the old roof was damaged or torn off, a few days' savings can make a real difference.

Any of the roofers from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Woodlands can answer your questions about residential roofing or shingle roofs.

Metal roofs are not combustible so they won't ever catch fire, giving them a Class A fire rating. Wood shingles, for example, have a Class C rating because the composite wood is quite flammable.

The metal in these systems do not absorb heat from the sun, but reflect the heat back into the atmosphere. This ability means your air conditioning system needs to work less. The metal has a low insulation R value, but using a space of dead air between the roof deck and the metal can increase its efficiency.

There are some disadvantages to metal roof systems.

The initial cost can run up to $600 per square. The cost savings are gained in the roof's ultimate longevity.

The metal can be dented and marred. If a significant hailstorm hits, the roof will be damaged. There are systems that guarantee no denting, however.

Noise is a consideration. Some people enjoy the sound of rain on the roof. Otherwise, installing barrier materials that will deaden sound can help.

Some people are worried about lightning strikes. It is important to know that just because metal conducts electricity, it doesn't mean that metal attracts lightning. A lightning protection company can easily ground the roof.

Depending on how long the homeowner plans to live in his house and what meteorological challenges exist; a metal roofing structure may be a practical solution for a new or replacement roof.

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