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Mold is one of the more common problems affecting homes all across the country. The main issue is that homeowners often have a hard time identifying the substances growing on their roofs and may confuse algae with mold and vice versa. Looking at the climate and the type of shingles found on the roof are the best ways to determine whether the dark substances growing on a roof is mold or algae.

Algae often grows in areas with a wet climate. It can grow and thrive in cooler climates. Mold typically affects homes in more humid regions. Texas homes are more susceptible to mold than algae. Homeowners should also keep in mind that substances growing on asphalt shingles is likely algae. If the substances grow around the edges of the roof or on the walls below the roof, it may be mold. The Woodlands roofing companies understand the difference between the substances and can help homeowners remove both types.

A common reason why mold sets in on a roof and begins thriving is because the home has one or more valleys. The slopes on either side of the valley provide the perfect place for mold to grow. Those slopes provide just enough shade to give the mold the darkness it desires, but the slopes also trap moisture in the area and prevents that moisture from rolling off the roof.

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Many people are scared of the word mold because they automatically associate it with black mold and other toxic varieties. The type found on most homes is harmless to humans but harmful to the structure itself. Mold can stain the roof, break apart shingles, find a way underneath the underlayment and even spread inside the chimney or any openings on the roof. Homeowners should not only clean and inspect their homes regularly, but they should also develop some type of maintenance plan. Many local companies offer maintenance programs and plans that come with an inspection performed a few times every year.

Though there are products designed for cleaning mold off roofs, professionals usually don't use those products because those items contain a number of harsh chemicals. They can use natural products and scrape the mold off the roof. Roofers often use sharp tools to remove any elements of the mold to keep it from returning later. Working with professionals also lets homeowners find out what they can do to keep new mold from settling on the roof and learn how roofing companies can perform regular maintenance on their roofs.

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