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Metal roofs have been around since 970 B.C. when they were used for several temples in Jerusalem. Later, this roofing material was used in other architecture such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the Pantheon in Rome. However, metal roofing has always been overshadowed by asphalt shingles for residential homes because of the higher expense of metal. This trend may be changing, according to "Metal Construction News." Homeowners can hire The Woodlands roofing professionals to update their asphalt roofs into eco friendly metal ones.

"Metal Construction News" reports that the number of homeowners choosing metal roofs increased from just 3 percent in 1998 to 10 percent in 2012. Another report from the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition found that metal roofing is the fastest growing roofing product in terms of popularity. Even a new case study handled by the Metal Roofing Alliance found that nearly 50 percent of all homeowners at least consider getting metal roofs when the time comes to replace their existing ones. This proves that metal roofs are growing in popularity, but why?

One reason is how energy efficient metal roofs are. They can reduce a homeowner's monthly energy bill by nearly 40 percent, according to tests run by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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Over time, the savings allow metal roofs to pay for themselves. The reason metal roofs keep homes so much cooler is because of their reflective properties. The metal reflects the solar rays of the sun instead of absorbing them like asphalt. The little bit of energy the metal does absorb is quickly lost because metal doesn't make a good thermal insulator.

Choosing metal roofs also makes homeowners feel good about themselves because these roofs are eco friendly. Most metal roofs are made from reusable or recyclable materials, unlike asphalt shingles, which are petroleum based. They also don't result in the cutting down of trees like wood shingles or shakes. When homeowners choose metal roofs, they are doing what's right for the environment while lowering their own carbon footprint.

Homeowners like to invest in projects that are going to be around for a long time, and metal roofs fit that bill. They are very durable and last three times longer than even the toughest asphalt shingles, in most cases. This is thanks to the longevity of metal roofing not being diminished by extreme temperatures. The biggest concern for metal roofs is corrosion and rust, but a zinc or steel coating eliminates this problem completely as long as the homeowner keeps up with general maintenance by hiring professional roofers at least twice a year.

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