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Many people experience know the pain caused by a roof that is not ready to meet the challenges of a cold and snowy winter. One of the biggest problems a homeowner can face is reoccurring ice dams on their roof. Ice bridges are certainly not uncommon, and are an important indication that there is a serious problem with the home's roof. A sure sign of an ice dam are icicles hanging off your roof. Sure, they may look cool and can be fun to play with, but they are not normal, and are a sign of a problem.

Ice dams can lead to hidden damage that will deteriorate roof decking until the roof leak starts seeping through ceilings and running down walls, destroying interior parts of the home. Unfortunately, by the time a homeowner notices these signs of trouble, the damage could be wide spread.

When ice dams are present, homeowners need to take measures to help protect their home. While a leading roofing contractor might not be able to resolve the original cause of the problem in the midst of winter, the Woodlands roofing contractor a homeowner chooses can typically install heat tape to help melt a small channel through the chunk of ice.

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This will allow melting snow to drain properly.

Some homeowners look for easy solutions such as old socks filled with chemicals. Many people use rock salt, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride or sodium chloride in an old sock to melt the ice. These corrosive chemicals pose a danger for homeowners who attempt to climb ladders in the middle of winter or walk on icy roofs. The chemicals can damage the roof, cause discoloration, kill shrubs and trees in the surrounding area when water runs off the roof and damage flashing.

The best way to deal with ice dams is to prevent them from occurring. This is done by making sure the roof doesn't get too warm on the underside. When heat rises and starts warming the underside of the roof, snow begins to melt up towards the roof peak. Unfortunately, because the bottom sections have not started melting, dripping water has nowhere to go. As water reaches the eaves or gutters, it begins to freeze into a solid ice ridge.

In order to keep a roof cool on the underside, proper attic ventilation and insulation are necessary. A reputable roofing contractor can install vent fans in the attic, eaves or soffits to help improve airflow. Additionally, checking insulation R-Value and making any adjustments can help eliminate ice dams.

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