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A homeowner should engage with the person who inspects his or her roof. This is true if the inspection is part of an estimate process, an independent review scheduled by the homeowner or a review being performed by an insurance appraiser. Ask to see the inspector's credentials, and discuss the training and experience that makes him or her suited to the task. Keep in mind that many home inspectors are not roof specialists, and some roofing scenarios call for someone who is.

Request that the inspector take photos of anything worth seeing on the roof. If there is flashing damage, missing shingles or rotting wood that the homeowner cannot see from the ground, then digital photos can serve as visual evidence. Most inspectors that serve The Woodlands roofing customers will have a camera and practice this technique without asking. Ask nevertheless, and it is a good idea to have a camera on hand that the inspector can use if need be.

Avoid asking questions or otherwise interrupting the inspector while he or she works. Inspecting a roof can be physically challenging and requires focus. If a question asked later necessitates a second trip onto the roof, then that is preferable to disrupting the initial inspection. Once the inspection is done and the inspector is providing his or assessment, then fire away.

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The old adage about there being no stupid questions applies here.

Be sure to ask about the condition of the shingles. A good way to phrase the initial question is to ask the inspector how old he or she would estimate that the shingles are. This answer will provide an indication of whether the shingles are holding up well or aging faster than expected. If the inspector does not mention any damage, ask if he or she saw any shingles that were curled or showed signs of weathering.

Ask the inspector if there are any large branches or debris piles on the roof. In many cases, an inspector will clear this material as part of his or her job, but this cannot be expected. If there is debris on the roof, then ask whether there is enough material there to demand professional attention.

Finally, ask the inspection if there were any signs of algae discoloration or similar issues. An inspector may not mention these issues if they are out of sight because they have no physical bearing on the roof. Nevertheless, a homeowner may want to schedule cleaning or maintenance to ensure that the algae does not spread to the visible areas of the roof.

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