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When homeowners plan for a new roof installation, they often choose spring, summer or fall for the work. Both residents and contractors don't want to deal with unpredictable winter weather unless a project can't be scheduled any other time. However, the warmer seasons aren't necessarily protected from all-weather events. Rain can be a damaging substance on an exposed rooftop. Homeowners should understand the smart steps The Woodlands roofing contractors take to avoid any weather issues while completing the project in a timely manner.

Reputable contractors become amateur meteorologists when scheduling roof replacement projects. Workers look at weather forecasts for the immediate area to gauge a proper installation period. They might wait until after a big rainstorm passes through to start the teardown process, for example. Homeowners are always updated with initial scheduling times to help them organize their routines as well.

With a clear forecast ahead, roofers don't just tear off all shingles to reveal the wood deck below. Poor weather is always a concern even with a sunny forecast. Contractors will remove only one roof section at a time to keep the structure protected in the event of rain.

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This one exposed section should be completed within the day, allowing the entire home to have a strong roof overnight. Contractors continue with the section replacement strategy to prevent water damage into the home.

When rain does strike during the project, the exposed section is quickly covered with a tarp. Workers have all the materials close at hand to be prepared for any rain occurrence. Tarps are secured to the structure, so high winds won't blow them off. Contractors must exit the rooftop for safety reasons until rain ceases.

Contractors work hard to reschedule projects as quickly as possible if a storm sets in for a day or more. Homeowners can agree to another time that works for their schedule. The roof must be completed as soon as the weather calms to protect the property from any potential damage.

Homeowners might be concerned about smaller weather events, such as fog or drizzle. Although moisture is actively striking an exposed roof during these weather patterns, the home does have some protection against mold and mildew. Roofing felt is almost always on a roof, even during a project. This layer isn't entirely waterproof but provides enough protection for mild weather patterns. Roofers can remove this underlayment and replace it afterward when final shingles are being laid to avoid any damp roofing felt trapped within the building envelope's layers.

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