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Asbestos is a common roofing material found on homes built after 1930 but before 1970. Though manufacturers initially thought the material was safe, independent and government testing found that it had a connection to a number of different medical conditions. The government banned the use of asbestos as a building material, but there are still thousands of homes with asbestos siding and shingles. The Woodlands roofing companies have experience removing asbestos shingles from roofs, and some may have experience with other types of asbestos. While some homeowners think this is a job they can do themselves, there are multiple reasons why working with a professional is a better choice.

Many people hear the word asbestos and immediately think that they need to get it out or off their homes. The truth is that asbestos is generally safe when well maintained and in good condition. This means that if the edges of the material are clear and free of any fraying or there are no signs of damage, the asbestos can remain on the house. Any type of damage can allow the asbestos to leak out into the surrounding air. Professionals can examine the house and determine if the asbestos is safe of if it needs to come down.

Another reason to hire a professional is because asbestos removal usually requires one or more permits obtained from the local courthouse.

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Asbestos is a potentially deadly substance that cannot go in the trash or a local landfill. Roofing companies know the proper ways to dispose of the substance and can find centers that accept the material. Contractors will obtain all the permits needed prior to removing a single piece from the home. Most companies will factor in the cost of those permits when estimating a job for a homeowner.

The other main reason for hiring a professional company is because they know what steps to take to keep everyone safe. All contractors working on the job wear long sleeved shirts, long pants and gloves to keep the material off their skin. They also wear respirator masks that keep them from inhaling asbestos. If the job requires cutting or breaking any type of asbestos product, they will take special steps to ensure that none of the small fibers escape into the air, get into the home or come near those living in or near the house. Many areas require that homeowners and commercial property owners hire professionals to remove any asbestos found in the buildings they own.

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