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From time to time, a roof may develop an unsightly and unwanted mess. Whether the problem is caused by an unwelcome flock of birds or some neighborhood kids, many substances left upon the rooftop can cause damage or deterioration of the asphalt shingles. As soon as possible, homeowners should take action to clean up the roof. For persistent or large trouble areas, some help from a local The Woodlands roofing contractor can help to ensure that the roofing system remains structurally intact, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

As soon as a property owner sees a sticky mess on a roof, the first thing to do is determine if it is still wet or if it has dried up and baked onto the shingles due to heat from the sun. Messes that are still wet may be able to be washed off with just the garden hose. To do this, the homeowner can stand on a ladder and aim the jet of the hose at the mess. The residue and water will drip down into the rain gutters. An extra spray of water will help thin the residue so it can drain into the downspouts.

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If there are any solid pieces such as eggshells, those should be scooped out of the gutter by hand.

In the unfortunate circumstance that the mess has dried onto the shingles, the homeowner could try a biodegradable cleaner. These products can be purchased at most home improvement or hardware stores. Some can be sprayed right onto the mess while others need to be diluted with water first or added to a container and sprayed through the garden hose. Most of these cleansers are made to remove stains that contain grease, fats and proteins. They are safe to use and should not leave any new marks on the roof. However, if the mess really got stuck into the shingles, chemical reactions may cause some lingering discoloration of shingles, although sun exposure should lessen those effects over time.

To remove messy stains like eggs or bird droppings, the biodegradable cleanser should be allowed to soak into the mess for an hour or two while the area is kept moist by water. A soft brush such as a vegetable cleaning brush can be used to remove any stubborn areas that the garden hose could not get off by itself. Property owners should avoid walking on a roof that has just been sprayed by water or cleaners, as the surface could be dangerously slippery.

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