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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Repelling Varmints The Easy Way

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It is perfectly normal in Texas, especially in East Texas, to leave a space in the structure supporting the roof to encourage ventilation. Hot air builds up quickly in the burning Texas sun, and any method that encourages it to get out of the building will lead directly to greater energy efficiency. However, it sometimes happens that this space may be colonized by large local animals. This is a dangerous situation for the animals and a costly one for the homeowner. Fortunately, The Woodlands roofing professionals have a wide variety of useful techniques to keep animals out of a roof.

One of the best methods is to deny them any means of access. For this reason, trees, branches and other foliage should be cut away from the roof. They may provide an easy pathway for raccoons, possums, squirrels, rats or other small animals to walk into the roof.

If it is impossible to remove all access routes to the roof, then it is time to put anti-rodent grating on any areas that need to be left open for ventilation.

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One simple and often used trick is to place the grating against the aperture overnight, leaning it to leave a small hole that the animal can slip through. The animal will often see that their entrance has been disturbed, which may frighten them away and keep them from returning. This is an excellent solution because it lessens the danger that a dead animal may be left in the roof.

In addition, poison should not be used under any circumstances to avoid having to remove a dead animal. Animals in the roof can be fairly large, and a raccoon can weigh as much as forty pounds. Their nesting and feeding behaviors are dangerous enough to the roof and the utility ducts within, but the hazard and disturbance from a dead animal is even greater. This can by further exacerbated by the presence of a litter of animal offspring. Efforts usually focus on keeping pests out of the roof because they are easier to remove when they are alive than when they are dead.

That is why traps are almost always used instead of poison. Every opportunity should be given to the animal to leave peacefully. Fortunately, most animals are very sensitive about their ability to enter and exit closed spaces. Simple alterations to the paths that they are using to get into the roof can have remarkable effects.

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