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Any home can experience sudden and unexpected damage to the roof. From severe storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes to a fallen tree, any number of events can occur and lead to significant water and structural damage within the house. Each homeowner should be prepared for these situations by having the number of a reliable The Woodlands roofing contractor ready and by having an action plan in place in case a roofing emergency strikes.

When a strong storm impacts an area, many rooftops could be harmed. As a result, contractors may not be immediately available to make permanent repairs to the building. In these cases, being able to erect a temporary protective covering against the weather can help to prevent any further damage from occurring. The first step a homeowner should take after ensuring their safety is to contact their insurance company to initiate a claim. Immediately thereafter, a call should be put in to an emergency roofer. Most reputable roofers will be able to enact a temporary fix such as putting up a roof tarp over the damaged area. The waterproof tarp guards against any water infiltrating the roof's undamaged areas or from rotting or warping the joists and beams.

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The tarps also protect the ceilings, walls and furnishings of the home from wind and water.

Once the outside of the roof is covered up, the homeowner may want to put up some additional tarps on the inside of the home. If the attic floor is still intact and no water penetrated through the ceiling of the room below, tarps can be laid on the attic floor. This affords more protection against any condensation or drips that the exterior tarps do not catch. If water has gotten into the attic, the homeowner should not attempt to walk or crawl through it. The saturated wood may not be able to hold up a person's weight.

Most trustworthy roofing contractors will work directly with the property owner's insurance company to ensure coverage for the temporary repairs and to gain authorization to conduct the permanent repairs. Some companies will provide the homeowner with direct coverage or reimbursement for a brand new roof, while others will only provide the owner with the value of the roof based upon its age and condition before the damaging event. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, homeowners may want to review their insurance policies each time they come up for renewal, as certain contractors may need to be used and specific materials may be required during the repair process.

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