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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Roofs In Hot Climates

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A roof is more important than just the curb appeal it brings to the home. It should be specifically designed to cater to the homeowner's personal preference as well as sufficiently accommodate the climate where the house is located.

In dry, hot climates, the roof is the best defense against intense heat entering the home, which also affects energy bills. A roof should adequately release heat instead of absorbing it. The Woodlands roofing experts understand how roofing materials influence heating and cooling inside the home. For example, asphalt traps heat and pushes it down into the home because it is not porous, and black tar is typically used to seal and coat it.

Newer materials may help to detract heat and improve the energy efficiency of the home. Cool roof coating techniques can last longer in hot climates than traditional materials and can help a homeowner save hundreds of dollars each year on air conditioning costs. Many new products address heat related roof issues from the underneath, such as spraying reflective material into the spaces in between the interior of the home and the roof. Reflective material like aluminum can also be installed in the attic as well.

Slate tiles are durable, add visual appeal and naturally reflect heat because they are light colored.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality roofing Services of Woodlands can answer your questions about shingle roofs or residential roofing.

Slate requires little maintenance and can last a long time. Terra cotta and clay tiles have been used for centuries in Spain and Mexico because they are designed to withstand intense amounts of heat and are lighter in color than other materials. These tiles can bake in the sun for extended periods of time without becoming brittle. Light colored concrete tile is heat and fire resistant and will not be easily damaged by water or wind.

In addition to excellent materials that naturally resist heat, some materials actually use heat to their advantage. Photovoltaic Systems trap and store heat in order to use it as alternative energy. They convert solar power into electricity, which drastically increases energy efficiency. They might not be as visually appealing as other products, and they might be more expensive to install until they become more popular, but they do work well. Another uncommon method of using heat as an advantage is a green roof, which is becoming quite popular in urban areas. A green roof is a waterproof membrane that is filled with soil and plants that use the power of nature and greenery to naturally cool the building.

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