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While some think that a roof consists of a few shingles placed on top of the roof with some type of underlayment or backing underneath, roofs usually have some type of sealant on the surface as well. The sealant acts as a waterproof barrier between the bare roof and any debris that lands on the roof, and it also prevents excess or standing water from sitting directly on top of the roof and causing leaks. Experts recommend that homeowners seal their roofs every five to 10 years. The Woodlands roofing companies can help locals add new sealant to their roofs.

Removing the old sealant is one of the first steps that roofers take. They use hard and thick brushes that they scrub across the roof to loosen any stuck on, flaking or cracked sealant. Removing the old sealant allows the new coat to go on smoothly and adhere to the roof better. They will then wash the roof with a chemical designed to eat through the sealant to remove any trace amounts left behind. After rinsing the roof completely to remove both the old sealant and the chemical, they will wait for the roof to finish drying before inspecting the roof.

The reason roofers inspect the space is because they want to look for any signs of damage, particularly around the flashing and eaves.

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Experts can patch holes in the underlayment and cracks found in other parts of the roof. Depending on the type of patch used, it may take up to 24 hours before it cures and contractors can finish sealing the roof.

Sealing a roof involves several applications of coating materials. The first is the base coat, which contractors apply in a thin and light coating. Once it dries, they apply a second coat and let that dry. Experts typically use rollers that are similar to paint rollers, which let them apply a thin and even coating to the roof. Some roofers may apply three or more coats of sealant to the roof based on the type of weather experienced in the area.

The last step in the process is a coat of waterproof sealant. This clear sealant adds to the waterproof capabilities of the roof and lets water hit the roof and slide right off into the gutters. Hiring a professional roofing company lets homeowners find out if they need to make any additional repairs to their roofs while sealing their homes. Some companies can take care of repairs before sealing the roof too.

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