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With automobiles, appliances and other possessions, knowing when maintenance is needed can sometimes be tricky. Roofs are no exception, and a small problem ignored today can become a major problem tomorrow. While professionals from The Woodlands roofing companies can always help and provide a free estimate if attention is needed, here are a few signs that it may be time to call in experts.

Homeowners who notice shingle fragments or whole shingles in the yard will recognize that the singles came from someone's roof, most likely their own. Shingles are more likely to be noticed after a storm or on a windy day. The wind may be all it takes to disengage shingles from the roof if they have already started to deteriorate. Unless they have blown off the neighbor's house, they are definitely an indication that roof repair is forthcoming.

Discoloration can be another sign that the roof needs attention. If caused by algae or moss growth, there could be water that is not draining properly after a rain. This is more likely if the roof pitch is relatively flat. If the roof is not uniform in color but has dark patches or streaks, it could be time to consider a replacement as this is typically a sign of age.

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If the roof is 20 or more years old, a replacement is likely to be more economically feasible than a repair.

Moldy or musty odors inside the home can be an indication that water has gotten between the walls if there are no visible signs of moisture. Even a small roof leak can provide enough moisture for mold to thrive. Until the leak is repaired, the mold has a source of water to keep it growing. Leaks that are not visible from inside the home may be detected by checking the attic, so a periodic examination is time well spent.

Brown spots on the ceiling are usually the result of water dripping on it from above. If it is coming from a small leak, there will not necessarily be water actually dripping onto the floor. If water is dripping, the leak is likely more serious but may not be located directly above the spot at which it drips. Water from roof leaks often runs down structural components for several feet before falling off.

A sign that is not visibly obvious but can be an indication of a roof problem is increased energy costs. If usage continues to climb after taking energy conservation measures, the cause could be saturated insulation between the ceiling and roof. Once it gets wet, insulation becomes less effective and causes the air conditioning or heating unit to run more than normal.

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