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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Solar Roofing Shingles

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The Woodlands roofing clients want more from their roof than shelter; they also want their roof to provide their home with solar power. In the past, generating solar energy meant placing bulky solar panels on the roof. Beauty and curb appeal were not considered. For that reason, many homeowners chose not to take advantage of their roof's potential to generate energy. Not only were solar panels ugly, but they were also quite costly.

Enter the solar shingle. It looks like a standard asphalt roofing shingle and has the ability to protect a home from the ravages of Mother Nature. It also houses a photovoltaic cell that generates electricity for the home that it protects. Dow Powerhouse solar shingles can protect a home from 150 mph winds and resist the impact of hail with diameters as large as 1¼ inches. Plus, over its lifetime, a solar shingle roof can cost much less than a traditional shingle roof yet perform as well or better.

Solar shingles have been around for about 10 years. During that time, they have made significant technological advances. They are thin and light, making them ideal for any type of roof without the need to increase the load bearing strength of the roof trusses. Their sleek profile makes them the ideal choice in roofing materials not only in terms of going green but also in terms of creating a roofline that compliments the architecture of any home.

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When solar shingles first entered the market, they could not generate as much electricity as the traditional solar panel. Now, solar shingles outperform solar panels by a significant margin, making them more competitive than ever.

Solar shingles are very easy to install. They can be installed by an experienced roofer. After installation, an electrician will be needed to install the inverter box and the local utility company will need to install a meter that accounts for electricity flowing both into and out of the grid.

Solar shingles operate within the existing electrical infrastructure. The home uses the energy that it produces for itself first. If there is a shortfall, energy will be drawn from the grid to compensate. If a surplus is generated, the home feeds that energy into the system. Many municipalities pay homeowners fair market value for the energy that their solar shingles feed into the system, which saves homeowners money. Additionally, federal tax incentives exist for homeowners who install solar shingles on their homes. This makes the installation of solar shingles a financially appealing choice while at the same time satisfying the need to be environmentally responsible.

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