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Solar roof shingles are the latest in money-saving technology, and they offer property owners the opportunity to help the environment as well. Because the efficiency of capturing and transforming sunlight into energy has been greatly improved in the last couple of years, the need to rely on fossil fuels for heating and cooling has been significantly reduced, saving the environment and saving the property owner money.

For both safety and effectiveness, a solar shingle roof should be installed by a professional roofer who has been adequately trained and certified in this special type of installation. The experts at The Woodlands Roofing can answer questions and explain the installation process in order to help clients make an informed decision regarding solar shingle roofs.

Although the cost of installing solar power is decreasing as the technology improves, solar power roof installation is still more costly on the front-end. Part of the reason for that is the labor-intensive installation that is necessary to create a functional solar roofing system. Solar shingles are about the same size as a regular asphalt shingle.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality roofing Services of Woodlands can answer your questions about residential roofing or metal roofs.

In addition to placing each shingle individually, just as for a normal roof, solar shingles must also be wired so that each shingle's wiring connects to one another on the inside of the structure. Traditional solar panels connect to a battery source, but solar shingles tie into the electrical grid. Installers must have a permit to connect the array to the grid and the electrical panel must meet certain standards. Professional installers are familiar with regulations and can assist the homeowner in picking the right system with the correct components.

Despite greater up-front costs, the installation of a solar shingle roof is a great investment and will save money in the long-term. After the initial installation, a solar shingle roof is almost maintenance free. Properly installed roofs act both as protection for the structure and an energy producer. Shingles are coated with a protective material designed to withstand wet weather conditions, are strong enough to endure hail and stay in place even in high winds.

Solar shingles can be combined with many different types of roofing surfaces, including metal, slate, tile and asphalt. Often the shingle can be matched in color so that the solar shingles do not stand out. They may sit slightly higher than the traditional roofing shingle, but they are often completely unnoticeable. With proper installation, a solar shingle roof should last years, and pay for itself over time.

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