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Energy efficiency and green living are becoming more important in the daily lives of homeowners. Photovoltaics technology has advanced to the point that it is now feasible to meet one's electrical needs almost entirely from energy generated at home. This has ensured the continued growth in popularity that residential solar power systems have seen in recent years. The introduction of aesthetically pleasing products such as solar shingles and the functionality they provide have contributed greatly to their use. Many The Woodlands roofing experts have reported an increase in solar shingle installations over the past decade. However, there are certain disadvantages associated with this type of photovoltaic system in addition to their benefits. It's wise for a homeowner to understand these aspects before deciding whether to install this potentially costly system.

A solar shingle functions in the same way that a solar panel does in a traditional residential system. These unobtrusive products are designed to look indistinguishable from traditional slate and asphalt shingles. Most kinds use a very thin film to collect sunlight. This allows the manufacturer to create a functional solar panel that looks and performs exactly like a regular shingle.

The energy produced is renewable and clean. Solar shingles are wired directly to the home's electrical system.

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Sunlight is collected by the flexible panels on the shingle and used to power appliances, heating, air conditioning and any other devices. This power provided by the sun is renewable and free, making it a constant resource that doesn't harm the environment.

Solar shingles and solar power systems in general come with large tax incentives and other financial perks. One of those benefits observable in most states is the ability to sell unused energy to the electric company. This requires a connection to the main grid, but it can lead to a nice check at the end of the year.

As with most products, there are some disadvantages associated with solar shingles. The initial cost can be a deterrent in certain cases. In addition, shingles are typically more expensive than traditional solar panels. However, installing them during a new construction or while undertaking a complete roof replacement can reduce the cost greatly.

House design and location must be right for any type of solar power system to work properly. There can't be too much shade or cloudy weather, and the roof angle must be a specific degree. These requirements can restrict where solar shingles can be useful.

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