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When the Woodlands roofing professional visits a property, they offer as many material options as the homeowner desires. If residents are looking to add an alternative power source to their home, solar shingles integrate both electrical generation and protective layer construction. Installation is more complex, however, making it critical for the homeowner to be aware of certain solar details.

Homeowners may be under the impression that they must cover the entire roof with solar shingles. In reality, contractors rarely install systems in this manner. They match the home's electrical needs to the wattage produced in each shingle. Contractors calculate the exact number of solar shingles necessary while filling in the other roof sections with traditional shingles. Professionals try to match the colors between the shingles for the best aesthetic appearance.

During estimation, professionals also note any obstacles to the sun. Most solar shingles need four to six hours of sunlight to create enough power for the home. Contractors will suggest pruning trees, for example, to form a clear pathway at all times for the shingles. The embedded crystalline silicon within the shingles cannot generate ample electricity with indirect or hazy sunlight.

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Homeowners will also need to dedicate a space for the solar power inverter. This device doesn't need to take center stage in a garage or closet, but can simply be placed in the attic. It converts the incoming electricity into usable AC current at electrical outlets. The attic provides close proximity to the solar shingles themselves so wiring doesn't have to be too long.

One component that may require extra inspection is the electrical panel. Solar shingles feed all their power into the home's main electrical panel. When all the electricity is used and there is extra leftover, it can be sold back to the electrical company. However, the electrical panel must be relatively new to support the solar power influx. Contractors will go over this component thoroughly to verify that it works safely with the new installation. An electrician may be necessary to update the panel before the roof installation begins.

Although solar shingles have only been available since 2005, their integration into homes has grown with government incentives. Because solar is a green energy source, homeowners often benefit from rebates and tax discounts. Contractors can go over any of these items to help homeowners understand their current options. Solar shingles are an alternative that will reduce electrical costs and help the environment.

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