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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Standing Seam Metal Roof Features

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Shingles are the hallmark of conventional roofs, but homeowners are being more creative with their material choices as they become available in the marketplace. Metal roofs usually had an industrial appearance to their style, for example. Today's metal selections are well-suited for residential applications in the form of standing seam installations. The Woodlands roofing professional can discuss all the benefits of these roof types when they quote a property.

The main benefit to standing seam metal roofs is the smooth appearance. Each metal panel is about 12 to 19 inches wide, making most of the roof's surface area flush with the deck below. The seams are dramatic vertical shapes that simply divide the roof's surface visually. Homes may even appear taller with the vertical lines dropping perfectly to the eaves in parallel orientations.

All roof materials must be held down by fasteners. From screws to nails, fasteners are prone to weathering damage, including rust. These metal roofs hide their fasteners within the seam itself. Weathering elements cannot even touch the fasteners because they're secure behind the metal's connection point. If a region is prone to a lot of precipitation, homeowners preserve their roof for longer periods because the fasteners aren't subjected to constant wet conditions.

Aside from being hidden, fasteners are also raised above the roof deck.

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These specialized screws can be as high as 1.5 inches off the sheathing. This raised orientation keeps most of the fasteners away from potential damage. For instance, a metal roof may have a malfunction where water flows underneath it. The fasteners are barely touched by the moisture because their main body is lifted away from the flow across the roof. Although moisture beneath the metal roof is a rare occurrence, raised fasteners remain as clever design features for residents.

Metal roofs are more expensive than shingled projects, but the cost is spread over an extended time period. Shingles last between 20 and 30 years while metal roofs have a lifespan of around 50 years. If homeowners intend on staying in the home, the roof will cost less in installation and repair costs across this 50-year period compared to shingles.

Unlike shingles, metal roofing isn't a widespread material that all contractors are familiar with for installation. Interview several contractors to verify if they can perform the work properly. Go online to read reviews about specific contractors to ensure an experienced roofer uses their vast knowledge at a particular property. When correctly installed, metal roofs can last a lifetime.

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