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Property owners often want to have the visual appeal that top-of-the line products offer without having to pay a top-of-the line price. With the introduction of a rubber and plastic compound that looks like real slate, now they can. While slate is a beautiful and timeless roofing material, it is also quite costly and is difficult to install. Often, roof supports have to be reinforced to hold the weight of slate, and slate shingles can crack or split when they are nailed if the roofers aren't very careful. Although nothing beats real slate for longevity, synthetic slate provides a beautiful, enduring roof for a fraction of the cost. The Woodlands roofing professionals can help owners decide if a synthetic product is a good value for their specific situation.

Synthetic slate is generally made up of recycled rubber tires, often mixed with some type of plastic as well. The combination of rubber and plastic is melted down and placed in molds that are made from actual slate tiles, and then allowed to set up. The end product is a beautiful, durable and flexible tile that can be easily installed to create a gorgeous roof. Because the tiles are made from recycled materials, they have far less impact on the environment than a traditional roof. The tiles themselves can be recycled again and again, keeping landfills free from more rubber and plastic products.

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While it may cost a bit more to purchase and install synthetic slate than traditional roofing materials, the upfront investment will pay off in the long run, and compared to real slate, it costs significantly less. Many manufacturers provide a warranty on this product for 50 years, and some predict that this composite material, like real slate, may last up to 100 years. A traditional asphalt shingle roof can be expected only to last about 30 years or so. Additionally, synthetic slate has a Class 4 Impact Resistance rating and will weather winds up to 110 miles-per-hour.

Installing a synthetic slate roof does not take any special skill. Synthetic slate tiles are easy to cut, very flexible and quite durable. As they become more popular and more widely used, the selection of synthetic tile colors and styles is increasing. Manufacturers suggest shuffling the tiles carefully before installing them since the tiles are molded from only seven or eight slightly varying templates. Shuffling the tiles will give the synthetic slate roofs the appearance of having small variations in the individual tiles just as a true slate roof would. With a synthetic product, homeowners can rest assured that their roof will not only look great, but last for many, many years.

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