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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About The Advantage Of Composite Shingles

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Composite shingles were developed to take the place of asbestos shingles in the building trade. Improved manufacturing processes and better technology have allowed manufacturers to develop a variety of composite building materials that last longer and increase safety standards. They are tough, and The Woodlands roofing professionals depend on them to meet high quality standards for roofing jobs.

Meeting architectural designs and specifications is easy with the variety of composite shingles available from manufacturers. They resemble shake, slate and asphalt shingles while providing strong structural support. The materials are lighter in weight and fade resistant. Due to the ease of installation and the quick manufacturing processes, these roofing structures are ideal for many homeowners.

Many composite shingle products carry Class A or B fire resistant rating standards and add increased security to homes, buildings and businesses. This high classification makes it harder for fires to spread through the roof and across to other buildings. Insurance companies and building regulations encourage the use of these type of materials to reduce damages.

Weather impacts the roofing structure every single day, and composite shingles are designed with this in mind.

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Manufacturers place an impact resistance class on their products to alert the contractors to the level of protection they provide. Class 4 composite shingles resist dents and scratches from most weather related conditions such as hail and ice. They last longer and resist fading from heat and light exposure.

Composite shingles come in a variety of styles and designs. This gives them greater versatility for different architectural needs. Homes and buildings with significant historical value can be restored to near original appearance without the hassle and expense of using slate or tiles. The composition of these materials makes them easier to handle and install. They cost less, and the quicker installation process can increase the savings on repairs or roofing replacements.

Many manufacturers of composite shingles offer them in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. This allows them to meet many residential and commercial needs. Contractors can choose from asphalt coated shingles for traditional building styles to three dimensional shingles for customized roofing designs. Many roofs suffer from algae buildup, but there are algae coating options that reduce these problems available for these types of shingles.

Composite shingles have come a long way since their original design. The various colors, shades and textures available make them easy to repair, replace and redesign roofing structures to meet individual tastes. These materials last longer and reduce construction costs.

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