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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Tips For Choosing A Roof

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There are many roofing products, from slate to metals, which will provide protection for your home as well as enhance its appearance. A quality roof will also add value to your home. The Woodlands Roofing can help you choose which type is beneficial for your home and provide a quality installation.

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the type of roof to install on your home. For some, the initial factor may be cost, but cost must be balanced against the serviceable life of the roof. Other factors to consider are local building codes, weight of the roofing material, ability to withstand nature, and visual appeal. Time spent selecting the proper roof will pay off with a visually appealing installation that will protect a home and increase its value.

The most popular roofing material is asphalt composition shingles. They are manufactured from a paper or fiberglass mat impregnated with asphalt. The addition of petroleum products in their manufacture diminishes their benefits to the environment, but they can be recycled. They are low in durability, moderate in weight, fire resistant, and relatively inexpensive.

Metal roofs are more expensive than asphalt types, but they last longer. They can be manufactured from copper, steel, aluminum or other alloys. Depending on type of metal, they can be of moderate to high cost. They are durable and come in different colors and textures that resemble other roofing types such as shingles or slate.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality roofing Services of The Woodlands can answer your questions about shingle roofs or roof repairs.

They offer good fire and wind resistance.

Tile roofs can be manufactured from clay or concrete. They are more labor intensive to produce, but offer a long life span. They can be produced in varying colors, but are heavy and require a substantially supported roof framework. They offer excellent fire resistance, but low wind resistance and may become brittle or break.

Slate shingles are very durable, but they are expensive and brittle. They are environmentally friendly and offer good fire and wind resistance, but are specific to steep sloped roofs. They require specially trained workers to install and are limited to their natural color.

Wood shingled roofs are commonly made of cedar but can be made of other woods such as redwood. They are light and relatively inexpensive, but they have a short lifespan and require some maintenance. They offer good wind resistance but low fire resistance unless treated.

The proper roof for your home should be installed by a qualified contractor. The contractor will not only install your new roof but also honor a warranty to protect your investment. Cost, durability, material and visual appeal will determine what type of roof is selected. The result will be a more valuable and appealing home.

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