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Consumers who wish to save money and who want to be kinder to the environment often explore metal roofing when it is time to replace a roof on their home or business. Although metal roofing used to be thought of as a material used only on very rustic homes or basic commercial structures, new materials and techniques for installation have made metal roofing an excellent choice for any style structure. Metal roofs are available in metal shingles, standing seam and traditional styles. The experts at The Woodlands Roofing can advise interested property owners regarding the available styles and the advantages of each. There is such a variety of styles available that any style home can benefit from a metal roof.

Because metal roofing is more expensive to purchase and install initially, many property owners dismiss metal as a roofing solution altogether. However, even with a greater upfront cost, metal roofing is far less costly than asphalt shingle in the long-run. Additionally, metal roofs provide some significant advantages that other types of roofing materials do not.

In the past, metal roofing was only available in flat seam panels, but new technologies and the introduction of new composite materials make metal roofing just as versatile as other traditional roofing materials. In addition to flat seam metal panels, customers have a wealth of other styles from which to choose.

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Standing seam metal roofs have become quite popular in the last decade or so, and they offer the advantage of having the seam between the panels extend above the roof, which reduces potential leaks. Metal roofing also comes in shingles that can be shaped to resemble other popular building materials like slate, tile, asphalt or even wooden shake or shingles.

It is possible to have a traditional-looking roof that incorporates the many advantages of metal roofing. Metal has a Class A fire rating, unlike asphalt or wood, so a metal roof makes for a safer home or business. A higher safety rating may lower the insurance premiums as well. Additionally, metal roofing is perfect in areas where there is a lot of snowfall because metal sheds snow and ice readily. Metal can withstand hurricane force winds as well. It is impact-resistant and rarely, if ever, needs maintenance, provided it is installed by a qualified professional.

Metal roofs are incredibly durable, and they last for many years. Most manufactures offer a 30-50 year warranty on metal roofing, and contractors often offer additional warranties as well. Metal roofs are one of the best values available, so it is often worth it to invest more money upfront to save in the long-run.

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