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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About Understanding Roofing Material Warranties

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The manufacturer's warranty on roofing materials supplies a guideline as to how long any type of roofing material should last under normal conditions. This warranty does not supply any protection against faulty installation or extraordinary events, such as a tree falling on the roof or severe weather incidents. Understanding the value and limitations of manufacturer warranties on all types of roofing materials is where the value of using a reputable The Woodlands roofing contractor will quickly become apparent.

Another key aspect to understanding a roofing material warranty is that they typically only cover defects that cause the roofing material to fail under the stated warranty period. Further, there are often provisions in these types of warranties that stipulate other conditions that must be met to keep the warranty valid. This is another area where the advice of a professional, reputable and local roofing contractor is useful.

The next piece of information that helps to understand warranties provided by manufacturers is that the value of the warranty decreases as the age of the chosen roofing material increases. For example, if a roofing material that comes with a 20 year warranty fails after 10 years, the maker of that material would only be liable for 50 percent of the cost of replacing the faulty materials. Further, this would only take place provided that the owner of the structure using the roofing materials could demonstrate that all of the other provisions of the manufacturer's warranty had been observed.

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All of this may create the impression that the makers of roofing materials will do everything in their power to avoid responsibility in the event of an issue. While it is true that warranties from manufacturers place some responsibility on the purchasers for ensuring that attention is given to inspection and maintenance of roofs, roofing materials and other components of the roofing system, the reputable manufacturers go to lengths to make their warranties fair and easily comprehensible.

Since manufacturer warranties only cover materials, a reputable roofing contractor will often provide a warranty that applies to the labor required to resolve any issues that arise from installation. Labor typically accounts for about 50 percent of the cost of a new roof.

A good roofing contractor will take the time to explain these warranties as a way of helping customers gain reasonable expectations of how long a selected material can last and how to deal with any issues that may fall under the warranty. All circumstances being equal, it is reasonable to expect a roofing material with a 40 year warranty to last twice as long as one with a 20 year warranty.

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