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So many people want help cleaning their roofs that Google now has thousands of pages on that very topic. These pages range from professional roofing company pages that offer roof cleaning services to DIY pages that claim homeowners can easily do the job on their own. Cleaning a roof isn't quite as easy as some of those sites make it look. Those who go it alone may find that they injure themselves, damage their roof or kill the plants and grass growing near the house. The Woodlands roofing companies want homeowners to know that there are different methods of cleaning a roof but that professional cleaning is often best.

One method of cleaning a roof is with a power washer. Also known as a pressure washer, this type of washer concentrates the water that comes from a hose hooked to the house. The belief is that the more pressure it produces, the more dirt it will take off the house. The truth is that these tools are often potentially dangerous, especially in the hands of someone with little experience. While standing in the yard, homeowners can only see a portion of the roof.

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They risk using too much pressure, which can break through the roof and cause leaks to form.

Another method of cleaning a roof is an old fashioned method that relies on simple soap and water. Professional roofers wear harnesses and other safety gear that keeps them stable and prevents them from falling off the roof. They apply a small amount of soap or cleaner to the roof and use brushes and sponges to scrub the cleanser across the roof. Contractors and roofers also use a downward motion to prevent ripping the shingles off the house. Though some recommend using bleach as a cleaner because it cuts through mold and mildew, bleach can also damage the lawn and/or stain the roof.

Cleaning a roof is important because it removes mold, mildew and algae. All three are common problems found in Texas and other parts of the country with high humidity levels. Mold and algae can also form because of high temperatures combined with frequent rainstorms. The right cleaners can remove all traces of those threats without damaging any roofing components or materials. While homeowners may attempt to clean their own roofs, many worry about the costly repairs they face if they make any mistakes. Roofers may offer cleaning services as part of a maintenance plan or as an additional service.

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