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The Woodlands Roofing: Article About When To Replace The Roof

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As with any structural component of a home, the roof requires maintenance and repairs in order to remain functional. However, just like the home's mechanical components, the roof does have a certain lifespan. If the roof is not properly maintained or has aged significantly, there could be a chance that the roof needs to be replaced. The Woodlands roofing expert can assist a homeowner with determining whether or not the roof can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced.

In order to properly assess the roof, the expert will inspect it from the top down. There are certain things that they are looking for including signs of water damage or leaks, gaps in the roof where sunlight or rain comes through, sagging deck and dark spots. The expert will inspect both the outside of the roof and the interior attic structure.

During the inspection of the exterior, the expert will visually inspect the shingles to look for cracked, bald or torn shingles. They will also look for areas that are missing shingles entirely and for any material that may have blown loose after a severe storm. If there are granules from the shingles present in the gutters, this is a sign that the shingles may be old and at the end of their lifespan.

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Additionally, dark patches, mold and algae growth may also indicate that there are serious leaks in the roof and that irreversible damage has already occurred.

During the interior inspection, the expert will inspect the roof's structural components to ensure that they are sound. They may look for wet or dark patches, which may be indicative of a leak that could not be seen from the exterior. They may also inspect the attic space for any evidence of rodent infestation that resulted in structural damage. If they can see sunlight entering the attic, the roof will need massive repairs.

If the roof is not in such disrepair that it is unsafe but extensive repairs are needed, the homeowner must decide if they want to tear down the roof and replace it. For example, if there is damage to only one part of the roof, the homeowner may wish to only replace the shingles and decking in that particular area. If the entire roof is unstable and it would be more cost-effective to replace it, the roof expert can assist with making decisions regarding roof materials and roof shape.

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